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Here’s how it works

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Step 1

Design your cover

Create your cover in seconds using a mobile device with “Quick Create” or use your PC with “Professional Create”. Either way, with the help of our custom cover design software you will be able to create the perfect bespoke cover. Don’t need a custom cover? No worries, you can also choose our linen covers with metallic foil designs.

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Step 2

Create your Video Content or upload your own Video.

It’s time to create your video! You will be pleasantly surprised how easy and quick it is. Using a mobile device, choose “Quick Create” and simply select your theme, choose your background music and upload up 100 photos and/or videos from your photo gallery. When using your PC, choose “Professional Create” for multiple templates to choose from and full creative suite with preview function. We also cater to upload your own Video. When asked “Would you like to create a Video”, click “No, I already have one”. Then include the URL link to your Video and your Video Book will come preloaded with your Video.

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Step 3

You are done.

Your bespoke Video Book creation is now ready to “Add to cart”. Check out and enjoy FREE standard shipping Australia wide or choose optional express shipping or International shipping.


Do NOT format your video book or delete any folders.
Formatting your device or deleting folders will remove our unique software and break the incredible functionalities that we have created for you. Additionally, formatting your device or deleting folders will void your warranty.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Cover Material?

Our covers are a high quality Hard Case Cover which measures 4 millimeters in thickness on the front cover and the back cover. The inside is lined black with fingerprint resistant material. Our Bespoke Cover designs are available in Gloss and Silk Matt finish. You also have the options for Black & White Buckram with Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Foil Embellishments. Choice is our middle name!

What is VideoBooks all about?

VideoBooks is just like a photo book or photo album, but better. Our covers are totally bespoke so that you can truly customise your memory. Then with our VideoCreator you can easily produce the most wonderful story about your memories and experience. VideoBooks stirs all emotions because your memories are not still images on a page, but rather moving images for sight and tunes for your ears. The VideoBooks automatically come to life when you open the cover and turn off when closed. It truly is a unique experience that no other memories experience can replicate. Totally Memorable!

What screen sizes are available?

We offer 2 sizes, a 10 inch screen in a Landscape cover and a 7 inch screen in Square cover, both with HD screens. The screen measurements are 12.3 cm high x 22.1 cms wide on the 10 inch screen and 8.3 cm high x 15.1 cm wide on the 7 inch screen. They offer a modern 16:9 aspect ratio with 1080 HD resolution. The 10 inch screens have a capacity of 4 Gigabytes storage which is which is approximately 4 hours of footage and the 7 inch screens have a capacity of 1 Gigabyte storage which is approximately 1 hours of footage (subject to change dependent on size of photos and video footage used to create the video). Each video book comes with a USB cord which will allow you to upload more memories and experience videos by using our “Downloadable Video Story” product. The screens have buttons, play/pause, forward and rewind to scroll between videos and volume up and volume down, to make the experience interactive and exciting. Awesome!

What size VideoBooks are available?

We offer 2 sizes. A Landscape Book which houses the 10 inch screen with the hard cover book measuring 22 cm high x 30 cm wide and a square Book which houses the 7 inch screen with the hard cover book measuring 21 cm high x 20.5 cm wide. Great Choices

What resolution works best?

We recommend encoding your videos up to 1080p, up to 30 frames per second and 2-8Mbps (2000-8000Kbps). 4K video files will not play on the device. If you encounter issues, send us your video together with your order number and we will convert your video to a compatible version with our video book.

How do I create a Video Book?

Creating a Video Book is easy, fun and creative. We have 2 options available.

“Quick Create” is designed for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Simply choose the 7″or 10″ Video Book, then choose “Quick Create”. From here simply follow the simple steps to creating your Video Book.

“Professional Create” is designed for PC’s such as desktops and laptops. Simply choose the 7″or 10 Video Book, then choose “Professional Create”. From here simply follow the steps to creating your Video Book. Professional Create offers our full creative suite for your Cover design and Video Content.

What is the lead time for delivery?

All Video Books will be dispatched within 7 working days from placement of order. Delivery can take from 1 – 10 working days dependant on your location. We are based in Burwood Melbourne, and the further and more remote you are, the longer it will take. Great!

Can I personalise the Cover?

Yes of course. That’s what we are all about. Use “Quick Create” on mobile devices or “Professional Create” on PC’s and let your creative juices run free. Stupendous!

How long can the VideoBook video be?

Our  10″ VideoBook can store 4GB which is around 4 hours of footage and our 7″ VideoBook can store 1GB of footage. Totally special!

Can I order more Video’s to upload onto a previously order VideoBook?

Yes, you can. This is the great things about VideoBooks. Simply go to “Buy Now” Page and choose the “Create Slideshow” option. Here you can create your Video Story and download it directly from our website after checking out. Then, using the same USB cable you use to charge the VideoBook, simply plug it into the USB connector of your PC and drag the newly ordered and downloaded Video into the Hard Drive of the Video Screen. That’s it. You are down. You now have 2 video stories on your VideoBook. This is very handy if you want to add multiple Video Stories on 1 Video Book. For example, you might have a Video Book titled “Our family travels”, and every year you can upload the new Video Story chapters of your new travels. You are not required to order a whole new VideoBook. Great for the environment!

I already have a Video in mind and only want to order the Video Cover only without the Video?

Yes, you can. When you are creating your Video Book, it will ask you if you want to create the Video. When asked, click on  “No, I already have one”. This option will allow you to upload your own Video such a s a Wedding Video you may have. You can upload your video after you have received your Video Book with cord that came with your Video Book or you can use the “Preload Your Video” function. When you check this box, simply insert the URL of your Video, it can be Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox. We will then Preload your video onto your Video Book. We think it’s ingenious!

How Long will the Video Book play before it requires charging?

All our video books are delivered fully charged and have a continuous playtime of between 1 – 1.5 hrs. So, they will last for quite a long time on a single charge. Keep in mind that our VideoBooks playtime is only when the Video is playing. As they automatically come to life and play when you open the cover, 1 – 1.5 hours of playtime is a considerable amount of viewing. Each Book arrives with a USB cord that plugs into the bottom of the screen. Then plug the USB side of the cord into any computer or compatible charger (such as a phone charger) and let it charge away. Typically, it takes 2 hours for a full charge. There is a battery indicator when charging. Way to easy!

Is there a Gift Box available for the Video Book?

There sure is. Our Gift Boxes are available in Black or White, in plain or a range of Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold Foil embellishments. The inside of the box is lined with attractive padded foam to keep the VideoBook snug and safe. Simply go to our “Our Products” page and choose the “Presentation Box for Your Video Book” option. Here you can choose the Gift Box of your choice that will fit the medium Landscape VideoBook with a 25.5-centimeter inch screen perfectly. Start Creating.

That's it!

Watch our video to see in depth tutorial on creating your first videobook. You think you got this? Click on the button below to get started!